Hot Shapper Bra In Pakistan


Hot Shapper Bra In Pakistan  are normal fitness attire which have been intended with Neotex smart textile skill helps your body to be slim and  smart by growing core temperature helping your body sweat and sweat more while wearing them during daily actions  



Hot Shapper Bra In Pakistan  are typical wellness clothing which have been proposed with Neotex brilliant material ability encourages your body to be thin and  smart by developing center temperature helping your body sweat and sweat more while wearing them during every day activities

How HOT SHAPERS Bra in Pakistan  work

The Neotex shrewd material aptitude in HOT SHAPERS Bra in Pakistan   growths center temperature during your day by day schedule actions. HOT SHAPERS Bra in Pakistan can be worn while you are dynamic independent of what you are doing

. Hot Shaper Bra additionally diminish bosom size inside days. Standard use will demonstrate you most ideal outcomes. Hot Shaper Bra is likewise great to tight droopy bosoms.

Hot Shaper Bra Key Features

Fix bosoms muscles

Improve bosoms shape

Thin midsection belly and tights.

Improve your general prosperity.

Expand wellness schedules.

Increment your center body temperature.

What’s incorporated with your request

1 Hot Shaper Bra (sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Washing directions:

Wash Hot Shaper Bra after each utilization, particularly in the wake of practicing or sports exercises. Wash by deliver cold water with a delicate cleanser. Press out and dry.

Hand Wash 30°C

Try not to Tumble Dry

Try not to blanch

Try not to press

Try not to wring

Try not to launder

Line Dry/Hang Dry

Cautioning: DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT wring and DO NOT Iron your Hot Shaper Bra

Suggestions: For better outcomes, wear Hot Shaper Bra ordinary regardless of whether you are not practicing or playing, the most you utilize your Hot Shaper Bra the better outcome you will get. Wearing Hot Shaper Bra will be supplemented with a sound eating regimen and great hydration (utilization of water).


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