Nicer Dicer Plus


The Nicer dicer plus in addition to Salad cook is a multi chopper and immaculate partner of your kitchen.

A kitchen apparatus that makes your cooking simple.

It accompanies substantial size container that have 1.5 Ltr ability to store and serve foods grown from the ground.


 Nicer Dicer Plus In Pakistan

The Nicer dicer plus in expansion to Salad cook is a multi chopper and faultless accomplice of your kitchen.

A kitchen contraption that makes your cooking basic.

It goes with significant size holder that have 1.5 Ltr capacity to store and serve sustenances developed starting from the earliest stage.

You need to crush top to cut sustenance, differing sorts of hardened steel fire sears cuts sustenance in a variety of way.

With the help of 5 unmistakable increases, you can cut sustenance in 11 extraordinary methods.

You can use this kitchen device to cut, dice, cut, shred, smash, separate into 4 and 8 areas and to make strong shapes.

Each fire sear gives you a choice to cut sustenance in different sizes and in different ways; like you can cut sustenance in 4 and 8 areas.

The included grater is perfect for carrots, cucumbers and potatoes.

The best a bit of this

More pleasant Dicer Plus In Pakistan

notwithstanding/serving of blended greens gourmet

master is that it goes with impermeable locking spread that can use on the compartment

to jolt the freshness of cut sustenance for later use.

Execution and Reliability:

A nicer dicer plus /Salad culinary expert is insightful choice and great expansion of your kitchen because of its advantages

like toughness and execution.

This apparatus is made up with astounding plastic material that make it intense and for day by day use.

Another advantage of this fabulous device is anything but difficult to wash, simply place all the separable parts into the dishwasher to utilize it once more.


Brilliant blend of value plastic and treated steel sharp edges.

ideal for cutting dicing and wedging.

Have capacity to supplant enormous processor, blender, chopper.

Simple to disengage and perfect and safe to utilize.


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