Veggetti Spiral Cutter


this handheld cylindrical pineapple corer with circular blade is specially designed to peel, core and slice pineapples in 3″ diameter rings. The shell remains intact




Veggetti Spiral Cutter This handheld tube shaped pineapple corer with roundabout sharp edge is exceptionally intended to strip, center and cut pineapples in 3″ measurement rings. The shell stays unblemished, perfect for the individuals who need to use for serving singed rice dishes, drink bowl, treats, natural product plates of mixed greens and so forth.

– Easy to perfect, made of treated steel with a plastic handle.

– Works twice as quick as standard peelers

– Makes consummately formed pineapple rings

– Retains the juice in the pineapple

– Unique plan simple to use for both left and right gave

Estimations: 25 X 11 X 9 CM


Zucchini and squash are more beneficial than conventional pasta and have a delightful taste and flawless surface when cut in the Veggetti! The Veggetti as enables you to cut flimsy spaghetti size or thick fettuccini size zucchini noodles. The mystery is the 12 ultra-sharp treated steel cutting edges that easily cut through vegetables for interminable pasta strips. Veggetti takes a shot at any nourishment that is more than two inches or littler in width. The most prominent sustenances are zucchini, squash, carrots, and potatoes.Unadulterated Natural Ingredients so no sign. The ergonomic grasp makes it simple to hold and it is dishwasher safe.

Astounding Vegetable Peeler/Spiral Slicer ! Spare TIME, LOSE WEIGHT, AND JUMP ON THE FAST TRACK TO SUPREME HEALTH WITH AWARD-WINNING KITCHEN GADGETS! Make a delightfully finished zucchini spaghetti! With Kitchen Active® Your hold back to locate the ideal pasta producer is at finished! This straightforward device is all you have to get yourself on a most optimized plan of attack to weight reduction,    and essentialness! By just giving a bend, you can transform your entire vegetables into a stunning noodle soup with this little shaper – ideal for vegetable noodles, servings of mixed greens, and gourmet-style trims.


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